Talented singer, actress, and philanthropist, Marie Osmond, will become the national spokesperson for Wise Company Food Storage, a producer and distributor of a top-selling line of dehydrated and freeze-dried emergency food and food storage products.

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The Salt Lake City, Utah-based Wise Company is engaging Ms. Osmond as part of a major expansion of its marketing efforts through new channels and to broader audiences.

Marie can attract a broader base of women of all ages who are the primary food buyers for their families.

According to Wise Company founder Brian Neville, “Marie’s interest in our products is a big reason why we approached her to become our company’s national spokesperson. We are thrilled with this new partnership.”

“I was sold after my first taste,“ says Osmond. “I never would have thought entrées made of dehydrated and freeze dried ingredients could have this much flavor. I believe we all need to be better prepared for any type of emergencies and having long-storing Wise meals at the ready for my family brings me peace of mind.“

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Brian Neville on the Marie Osmond Show.

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Having someone with the star power of Marie Osmond representing the emergency food supply industry may help turn it into a more appealing and more woman friendly market.  Women are often the decision makers when it comes to family security and it just make sense to have Ms. Osmond, a well-known and highly likeable public figure represent our industry.

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